Listen to Boss Bossa from Armored Vegetable by Funk Shui

Listen to Freestyle from Giant Sized Masters of Funk Shui

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Funk Shui is a seven piece funk and rock n’ roll band from Portland, Oregon.  They formed in 1999 when members of the Treefrogs infiltrated and dominated an open funk jam at Biddy McGraw’s and the owner of the bar told them “I don’t know where you came from, but you can never leave.”  Funk Shui offers a trio of distinct songwriters, John Henry Bourke (rhythm guitar), Sean “The Shag” Nowland (bass) and Fred Stevenson (lead guitar), along with slick horns provided by John Morrow and Gavi Detarr and solid rhythms from Jeff Duffy and Adam Weiner.

Their original funk, rock and pop tunes fill the dance floor while their classic covers from artists like Prince, Stevie Wonder and The Rolling Stones never fail to satisfy.  Unlike funk bands that adhere to a single style, Funk Shui brings variety and a wide range of appeal to each show.

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Funk Shui plays small clubs, large stages and elegant weddings.   They have two full-length CDs: Giant Sized Masters of Funk Shui (2002) and Armored Vegetable (2007).   They  have participated in the Deep Roots Poetry Project which puts out a CD of of musical collaboration between local bands and Portland area high school students.  As requested, they continue to play at Biddy McGraw’s as well as at the Crystal Ballroom and Laurelthirst Public House.

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