Tracy Burkholder LMT : Best massage therapist in Portland. Writer. Best friend.

Portland Music Company: I will never purchase any music equipment anywhere else but Portland Music Company. Local and loveable!

Nichole Cooper : My old singing partner in Afroknot.  An awesome talented                                                    artist/actor in her own right.

Matthew Haggett : My current web designer.  A fine artist and designer.

Jared Seger Photography : Fine photography. This gentleman hooked me UP!!

Shannon Tower Band: My new partner in Afroknot 3.0 Shannon Tower’s band.

Jeffree White : Guitar God.  Web designer.  Instruction and performance.  Great keyboard player/teacher as well.

Fearless Guitars : Chance Walte, owner, is an artist, a scientist, and a saint.  The only one I’ll let work on my bass.  Tonemaster General.  Wanna sound good.  Don’t take a Chance, take it to Chance.

Andrew Clapp: Bass God.  Martial arts master.  Good friend.  Artist.

Jeffery “The Feef” Foster : Photojournalist, photographer, man about town.

Laurelthirst Public House: I’ve played here WELL OVER 1000 times.

JEF Designs: Joe Futschick makes pretty pictures and light fixtures.

Elane Close: Fine artist.  Bonnie Scott.  Bringing down the man.

Shag’s youtube:  Good stuff!

Mitch Stauber: Architect, Artist, Martial artist.  Check out his art.

Alexa Wiley: Singer, songwriter. Check it!

Pilar French: Songstress. Played on her super dope record Deliver which is one of my favorite recordings of myself and just in general!

Crystal Beran: Author. Traveler. Muse.

Pacific Wind Kajukenbo: Professor Tim Gagnier and Sifu Becky Gagnier are most kind and generous teachers and hosts.

Angeline’s Bakery: Best bakery in Sister’s Oregon…NAY! ALL of Oregon.  Great food, great music, kind to us musician folk what visit and play.

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